Mark and Leslie DrakeThe Fleur-de-Lys Mansion Innformation:

Welcome to The Fleur-De-Lys Mansion in St. Louis, MO!   This beautiful home was built in 1913 by Mr. and Mrs. William E. Beckman.  Mr. Beckman owned the W.E. Beckman Bakers and Confectioners Supply Company.  The home was designed by architect William A Lucas to be a multigenerational home to house Mr. and Mrs. Beckman and their daughter and her family.  The fleur-de-lys symbol appears on the end caps of the chimney supports which inspired the name for the Inn.  The fleur-de-lys symbol (translated “lily flower”) originated in France and has become an important symbol for the city of St. Louis taking center stage on the city’s flag.  It represents the strong influence the French traders had on the city and the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. 

The Inn is owned and operated by Mark and Leslie Drake.  Mark left a long career in the biofuels industry to obtain a diploma from the Culinary Institute of Iowa. Cooking for others and owning The Fleur-De-Lys Mansion fulfills a dream of his.  Leslie is a registered dietitian with a broad and diverse career spanning foodservice management, consulting, education, corporate sales, hospitality, and procurement.  They are here to serve you and provide you with an unforgettable experience at The Fleur-De-Lys.       

Thank you so much for your interest in The Fleur-De-Lys Mansion.  We hope you will come and visit soon.  Please refer to our policies for important information about your stay. Should you have any questions, comments, or need pricing information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.