Let’s Talk About Food Part 2. The Neighborhood

Hello Everyone.  For my last foodie post, I covered the Italian neighborhood known as “The Hill”  which is within 2 miles West of The Mansion.  This time, we are going East.  St. Louis city is made up of 79 named and unique neighborhoods.  We are located in Compton Heights and close to us are the neighborhoods of Fox Park, Benton Park, Lafayette Park (seeing a theme here?), and Soulard.  Sprinkled in and amongst the houses of these neighborhoods near us is a wealth of amazing restaurants which we have taken upon ourselves to try and make sure they are OK to recommend for our guests.  I know, I know…….the life of an innkeeper can be very rough.  

These restaurants are within 2 miles of our driveway and all I can say is “WOW”.  I cannot believe how lucky we are to have these amazing dining experiences so close to our house.  So let’s start – 

Polite Society and The Bellwether:   These are sister restaurants under the direction of executive chef Thomas Futrell.  Polite Society is listed as my favorite in our guidebook, but both are tremendous.  



Hamilton Hospitality:  Eleven Eleven Mississippi; Vin de Set;  PW Pizza; and Hamilton’s Urban Steakhouse and  Bourbon Bar.  

What can I say?  Our first meal post-pandemic was at Hamilton’s.  We sat at the bar and had charcuterie and drinks chatting with another couple that just happened to be Paul and Wendy Hamilton.  Kismet!!!!  We heard their passionate story about starting these wonderful restaurants and the passion they put into each ingredient (they grow their own produce).  Hamilton’s remains to be our most recommended and favorite steak house.  Vin de Set has the best happy hour on a rooftop overlooking the Arch, and stopping by for pizza on our way to the Cards or Blues game is a must at PW Pizza.  


Sidney Street Cafe and Peacemaker Lobster and Crab:    These two Benton Park restaurants are owned and operated by Chef Kevin Nashan.  Peacemaker is our most recommended seafood restaurant.  And then there is Sidney Street Cafe – they grow most of their own produce which allows the menu to change based upon the seasons.  This is tied with my all time favorite place to eat.  



Planter’s House:  What and incredible find for us!!!  Tremendous drinks and the best pork belly I have ever eaten in my life.  Check out their menu if you need some gluten free options.  


The Lucky Accomplice:   Make a reservation and take an open mind for the menu options at this fine dining establishment.  I had to google many of the ingredients but was amazed at the flavor profile set before me.  


The Little Fox:   Located across from Fox Park, this is a walkable outing if you are up for it.  The chefs Craig and Mowgli Rivard strive to bring delicious unpretentious food through locally sourced ingredients to this neighborhood gem.  


The Shaved Duck:  Many of our guest will stroll here and Uber home.  For us, it is the best Smoke and BBQ place in St. Louis.  


We really think you should come and stay with us and try them all.  What do you think?  

We hope to see you soon.






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