Is this the place where the husband does the cooking?

Hello everyone!!  

This is becoming the #1 inquiry for our phone calls so I thought I would put the answer in writing.  Mark, otherwise known as “the husband” really does the cooking.  How lucky am I?  Right?   If you stay with us, you will have a trained personal chef prepare your breakfast for you every morning.  Let me tell you his story.  

The husband chose to follow his dream and leave the corporate world behind.  HeChef Mark Drake in red chef coat preparing breakfast plate enrolled in the Iowa Culinary Institute at age 58.  I am so proud of him for overcoming the anxiety of going back to school and working so hard to craft his skills.  During culinary school, he worked as a dishwasher and then prep chef at a wonderful restaurant in downtown Des Moines learning as much there from the talented chefs as he did in the classroom.  

The corporate world called the husband back long enough to cement the fact that he really did not want to be there – he wanted to cook.  After months of research and trying to find the best spot, we landed at The Fleur-De-Lys Mansion.  The husband, who has never been a big fan of breakfast,  become a breakfast chef.  

And what an amazing breakfast chef he is!  I can guarantee, you will never leave hungry or disappointed with Mark as your chef.  Thank you for your glowing reviews that give him such confidence to do what he loves.  Chef Mark puts 100% in every single plate that leaves our dining room.  

And then it happened…….I checked a guest in recently and she said “Where’s Mark?  I thought he would be checking us in?”  It was a very proud moment to have “the husband”  be promoted to Chef Mark.   Sorry,  Leslie – otherwise known as “the wife” will be checking you in and answering the phone.  

So come see us and experience what so many of our past guests have enjoyed – a wonderful breakfast.  

See you soon,

Leslie (the wife)

One thought on “Is this the place where the husband does the cooking?

  1. Dear Leslie and Mark,
    We wish we could have joined you for Christmas, but our budget and health challenges didn’t allow us to.
    But, we will return.
    You made our 70th birthday celebration a week to remember. Your kindness and willingness to help us find the right place to stay (The Mansion) after a debacle in Springfield, showed us what wonderful people you are.
    Leslie, your home-baked cookies are the best, you restaurant suggestions were spot on, and your lovely smile
    made us feel like we were home.
    Mark, you have motivated me to find similar breakfast gems, and I am still looking. Nothing has ever come close to your masterpieces. Everything was beyond expectation.
    We will be sending a little gift to you because it represents exactly what Le Fleur de Lys Mansion and you are all about: beautiful attention to details, creativity, and a welcoming spirit.
    Until we meet again, we will treasure our memories.
    Debbie and Rick McIntosh
    Santa Clarita, California.

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