Let’s talk about food. The Hill.

Hello Everyone.

Before we ever moved into The Mansion, I started hearing about “The Hill”.  Everyone was mentioning how great it would be that we were so close to “The Hill”.  On our first night, Mark said – “let’s head over to The Hill for a bite to eat”.  I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting?  An uphill drive with a great elevation until we reached the top and there was a nirvana of restaurants?  A shopping mall called The Hill where there were only restaurants?  On that first night we drove down Shaw Blvd and stopped when we saw the neon sign “Guido’s”.   It was meant to be – what a tremendous experience we had – it was a sign that we were meant to be here.  

Since then, my understanding of The Hill is much better and way more appreciative. It is a neighborhood near us that was home to a majority of Italian immigrants at the beginning of the 20th century.   It  was named the hill for it’s close proximity to the highest elevation point in the city.  You will be able to tell you are there by the green, red and white painted fire hydrants and the similar lamp post signage.  It is home to a countless number of small restaurants, delis, grocery stores, and bakers.  It will be my goal to work through all of them if I can.  

For now – here are just a few of our favorites.

Guido’s – https://guidosstl.com/  This was our first and continues to be our go to place for the best pizza (according to Mark and I) in St. Louis.  

Dominic’s – http://dominicsrestaurant.com/

Charlie Gitto’s on the Hill – https://charliegittos.com/

Anthonino’s  –  https://anthoninos.com/

Onesto’s – http://www.onestopizza.com/ 

Favazza’s on the Hill – https://favazzas.com/

We look forward to sharing these and many others with you as you stay with us in the future.  




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