The Fastest Way to Kill a Fish……

Happy August everyone! 

Our grandsons from Seattle visited us recently and I thought it would be nice to get a few Koi fish for our little pond in the backyard.  It would be something they could “help” me with.  Needless to say,  I know NOTHING about garden ponds or Koi fish.  I can clean a fish and fry it up in a pan, but that is not the goal here.   I went to the pond store (yes, there is a pond store), picked out the cutest fish, and was telling the pond guy about my big plans.  And then he says, “the fastest way to kill a fish is to have a grandchild name it”.   OK.  So much for managed expectations.  I admit that I am not able to keep a houseplant alive and I will never claim to be a master gardener, but fish?  Surely, I can keep a few fish alive. I mean, I did succeed in keeping my children alive.   

I have thought about his words of wisdom several times since then.  What else does this apply for:  “If you want to start a global pandemic, buy a bed and breakfast”;  or “If you want it to rain when it is not forecasted, take your gutters off for repair” .  How do we manage expectations in life?  Expect the best but plan for the worst?  

I would like to think that I lean more to the positive side.  Everything will always work out.  We can’t always expect perfection, but if we do the best we can, we should be able to handle anything that is thrown our way.  

Case in point – the guests that are returning are the best ever.  They may be few, but they are mighty.  They are helping to remind Mark and I why we chose to buy a bed and breakfast and we are grateful to them.  The basement will dry out and the new gutters will keep it that way.  

And….if you choose to stay with us, we will introduce you to “Mango” , “Sunscreen”, “Carrot”, and “Cherry”.  The fish are thriving despite the grandsons naming them.  I think they like living at The Fleur-De-Lys Mansion in spite of a few imperfections.  Whew!  

So – come see us.  We will do our best to keep you alive.  


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