Making the List

Hello everyone!

Who doesn’t like a good list?  I read a study recently that making a “to do” list in this time of uncertainty during the pandemic will help reduce anxiety and depression.  For us, our “to-do” list is so long, it actually adds anxiety.   We have lists for everything:  groceries, tasks, passwords, favorite contacts, etc.

Then there are the best and worst lists and the highest or lowest lists.  Depending on how you spin it making the list a positive thing to be on or a negative.  For instance, St. Louis makes many, many lists.  The lists we want to highlight include the accolades of sports, museums, zoos, restaurants, history, and definitely beer.   It is natural to always want to make the “best” list.  We are competitive and want to see where we rank in relation to others in a specified category.   

We were informed in the past couple of weeks that we were on several lists.  These were lists that we didn’t even know existed.  I would just get a random email congratulating us on this “accolade” and to share the good news.  So, I am doing what I am told to do and sharing with you all the recent “best of” lists The Fleur-De-Lys Mansion has been added to:

Travel Enthusiast: “The Best Hotels in St. Louis”   (Best luxury hotel)  This information is quite dated and they did not contact us to confirm the accuracy.  But we would like to thank them anyway…….

Taste of Home Magazine:  “The Best Bed and Breakfast in each State”  (Missouri)

And finally, the one that really caught us off guard

Feedspot:  “Top 15 Mansion Blogs”  Who knew???

Even though we are very grateful for this recognition, the only list we would like to be on is yours.  We strive every day to make your stay here the “BEST” ever.  Please let us have the chance to make your list.  Come and see us!  

Mark and Leslie


PS – we are currently the #2 Bed and Breakfast in St. Louis – not that I am competitive or anything, but I really would like to be #1. Type set spelling out "top 10" on wooden table

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