Be Brave in 2020

My first initial title for this blog post was going to be “the faces of fear in 2020” but I thought I should catch your eye with something a little more positive?  I am usually a glass half full person, so I will try to make this a optimistic as possible.   Questions from my guests and potential guests in the last month have gone from “are you open?”, “what are you changing to protect us?”, “is it safe to get out?” , to “how close are you to the riots (aka protests)?”.  Everyone is talking about the new normal.  Does the new normal have to have so much fear in it?

I certainly hope not.  My kids will tell you that my second most used phrase to them growing up was “Don’t live your life in fear”  (the first one was – “Tough, life isn’t fair”) If there is something you want to do, do it.  Don’t let fear hold you back from something you want to achieve.  Ask yourself “what is the worst that can happen” and if you can deal with that, just go for it.  Be BRAVE.  The benefits of bravery far outweigh the consequences of fear.   Turn off the news; surround yourself with positive people; be present in the moment; and be kind to one another.  

Now – to answer some of the questions.  Mark, Sammie, and I have always been committed to the safety of our guests.  Our OCD tendencies are coming in handy with disinfecting the Mansion.  The fresh scent of lavender has been replaced with bleach. We have a secure home for you where you can rest and relax.   Please don’t hesitate to call me if you have further concerns.  Things are opening up and we invite you to be brave and come and visit us.  We promise to take very good care of you.  

See you soon,


Sandy beach with receding wave and the words "Be Brave" written in the sand

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