I would like to own a bed and breakfast but…….

It was our second official day back in September and we were faced with a challenge right off the bat.  A guest was arriving with a very long list of demands:  two fans in the room, no feathers, no perfumes, change the air filters, extra pillows and towels, and a longer list of food intolerances.  After checking them in at 9 pm and helping them carry their 3 bags of groceries from Whole Foods to their specially appointed room, my thought was “we are never going to be able to please these guests”.  

The next morning at breakfast, everything had changed – they were happy!  We enjoyed a great meal and wonderful conversation.  They loved to hear about how Mark and I had left the corporate world to chase our dream of owning a bed and breakfast and practicing hospitality.  The gentleman laughed and said, “I would like to own a bed and breakfast but I don’t want to have any guests”.  

Since then, at times of full occupancy when we are running around doing mounds of laundry, cleaning rooms, fixing meals, putting out fires, and flipping breaker switches, we pass each other and laugh saying “it sure would be nice to own a bed and breakfast and not have any guests”.  

The past 6 weeks have shown us this saying could not be further from the truth!  We love our guests, we love showing them hospitality, and we love all the things that go along with owning a bed and breakfast including all the quirks of maintaining a 107 year old house.  This pandemic has certainly taught us and others what is important in our lives.  We are grateful to still be here, to be healthy, and to have had the time to make The Fleur-De-Lys  Mansion an even better place to come for a romantic getaway or a vacation.  

We can’t wait to see you soon.  We will keep you safe, healthy, and well fed.  I love owning a bed and breakfast.  (no buts)  


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  1. Hey there, sweet friend! I love reading your wonderfully expressed thoughts! I know l am one of many who would enjoy hearing what you have to say!

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