Dumpsters, Dust, and Delays

What happens when you start to renovate a 107 year old Mansion??  You fill up 5 dumpsters, you have constant dust in everything, you become very familiar with historical city codes, and you hear the words over and over….”Leslie, we have an issue”.  Everytime I hear these words, my mind goes back to the movie “The Money Pit” as it usually can be translated as “this issue will add XXX number of dollars to the project and take three more weeks”.  

The good news is we will be taking reservations this week for our new guest room!!!  We have converted the library common space on the first floor to the new California King Suite aptly named “The Library”.  We wanted to do this for our guests that don’t want to navigate the stairs to the second floor guest rooms.  We are also updating the Parlor, building a new half bath, moving our laundry room, installing new windows, and upgrading some old plumbing.  The spa room will see changes as well.  After the 20+ year old  hot tub quit working, it was decided to replace it with an infrared sauna and a space where we can do massages onsite.   Whew!  

This is truly a labor of love.  Mark and I fell in love with The Fleur-De-Lys Mansion the minute we walked in.  We want all our guests to feel that as well.  As we work to take  care of her, she will take care of us.  Stay tuned for pictures of the updates.  We can’t wait to show her off and host you in this beautiful home.  

Woker breaking door with crowbar

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