Happy Birthday Ora.

Hello everyone!  Two years ago this month, I started my sourdough starter.  After numerous previous tries (and failures), this one has thrived.  In doing my research for this process, I learned that you must name your starters.  You name them to make them personal and part of your family thereby becoming vested in their well-being.  You have to feed them, nurture them, and make sure they are kept at correct temperatures.   I named this one Ora.  Ora was my maternal great-grandmother.  She was a single mother of 5 children; 3 boys that served in WWII and 2 daughters, one of which was my grandmother.  Even though I never met Ora personally, I could see the strength and character that she passed along to my grandmother and then to my mother.  That heritage also formed my strength and resilience.  Little did I know that two years ago when Ora the Sourdough was born, the namesake would certainly lived up to the heritage.  The last two years has brought about many changes in our lives, but Ora has survived.  She now produces beautiful sourdough bread every day.   It brings us great joy to be able to share this bread with all our guests over our breakfast table.   Please  come  and  stay  and  enjoy.  Sliced fresh sourdough bread on a bread board with knife

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