By the Numbers

Whew!  57 days…..that is how long Mark and I have been the Keepers of the Fleur-De-Lys.  In that short amount of time, we have met 180 guests from 30 states and 6 countries.  We have served 266 breakfasts, baked 228 chocolate chip cookies, and logged approximately 1,083 flights of stairs each. We have had the pleasure of hosting 6 honeymoons, 1 wedding first look, 15 anniversary celebrations, 6 birthdays, and numerous romantic getaways from the kids.   We have gone from “What in the world have we done?” to “Why didn’t we do this sooner?”  

I want to thank all 180 guests for making our first 57 days so enjoyable and full of teachable moments.  Teachable, you say?  What have we learned? We have learned how to deal with:  no water in the morning;  too much water in the kitchen;  raccoons in the garbage; squirrels in the attic; and very interesting stains.  We know that the drains work very well in the basement; that I can create a flower arrangement; that I cannot fold a sheet; and you can get just about anything you need from Amazon.  But, the most important thing we have learned is that every single one of you have touched our lives greatly.  We continue to be excited and grateful for this wonderful opportunity and look forward to all the future numbers.  

Come see us and help us learn..


One thought on “By the Numbers

  1. Hi Leslie & Mark

    We can’t wait to stay at the FDL again soon. We’re seasoned guests, with this being our 10th stay, including our wedding and past 5 anniversaries! We’re looking forward to meeting you both and visiting our favorite B&B. We’ve always thought a person doesn’t pick the FDL, it picks you. So congratulations on your new adventure!


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