Become a Smarter Traveler

Navigating the internet while planning travel is nothing less than daunting these days with Google and other search providers playing a game of bait and switch, doing everything they can to monetize search results.  As a small business it is certainly a challenge for us to protect our brand and remain competitive with the large hotel chains and mega-resorts in the current environment.  There are organizations such as Acorn Internet Services who are looking out for the little guys like us but we know innkeepers who have been in business for decades and are hanging it up because they are no longer profitable.  As a traveler, you are missing out on unique experiences when that happens.  We aren’t going anywhere, of course, after having another banner year but others in St. Louis haven’t been as blessed.  Do your part and help yourselves remain savvy travelers with this great information resource from the American Hotel and Lodging Association.  And remember to always book directly on our website to get the most for your travel dollar.

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