Not just a Bed & Breakfast…

The morning started out as any other morning. I (Vickie) got to work and started preparing breakfast for the 3 couples we had staying with us. Dave came down and sat in his usual chair and read the newspaper. Jan followed and helped me finish up. We were happy to chat in the kitchen with one couple in particular – they are from Springfield, Missouri and have stayed with us several times in the past. They are such wonderful friends and we look forward to seeing them each time! We chatted about Jan & Dave’s European trip coming up in just 13 days! They have traveled there many times so they had several stories to share! Breakfast was served, eaten, and cleared in time to set up for the Baby Shower we are hosting today!

Just like the title says, we are not just a B&B, we like to be able to host small events for different occasions. We’ve done small weddings and elopements, baby and bridal showers, engagement and birthday parties! And as our website says, we do afternoon teas with a reservation in advance. This shower in particular has 26 guests coming so Jan and I spent the morning setting up tables, ironing table cloths and setting the place settings for the party. It’s always fun to be able to share this home with others and hope we can turn them into our friends someday!

Well, I gotta go see if they need anything…..until next time :D

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