A Day in the Life of an Innkeeper

Well here we go…our first attempt at blogging! The most compelling reason for us to blog is to keep in touch with the many wonderful friends we’ve made during our years of innkeeping. For those who follow our blog and have not been guests here, we hope our stories will entice you to come for a visit! Mostly we want to share with you the joys of innkeeping and give you a glimpse into the life of an innkeeper.

Some topics to look forward to include:

-posting recipes with pictures of our creations
-history about the Fleur-de-Lys as we research
-Jan and Dave’s big European adventure (hopefully it won’t be fit for National Lampoon!)
-sharing stories about the wonderful people we meet in this business
-the trials and tribulations of innkeeping
-happenings around town
-and many more!

Our mornings begin by the dreaded alarm clock. No sleeping in for innkeepers! We serve gourmet meals to our guests and that requires preparation. Like our bacon! Just ask anyone who’s had it here – yummy! But it takes about 45 minutes to prepare! However, the rewards are SO worth it when our guests take that first bite! We always cheat a little and make a few extra for ourselves! Speaking of bacon, the first recipe we’ll share is below:

The Fleur-de-Lys Mansion Bacon

Thick sliced bacon
Brown sugar
Cracked black pepper

Line sheet trays with heavy duty foil and place a rack on top. Space the bacon out on the trays and liberally sprinkle with brown sugar. Top it off with the cracked black pepper, to taste. Bake at 350 degrees for 40-45 minutes, turning each slice halfway during the baking process. Watch it closely though! Don’t want to burn it! Clean up is easy, just roll up the foil and throw it away! Though, somebody’s got to wash those racks! I usually assign that to Vickie :)

Now where were we? Oh yes, talking about a day in the life of an innkeeper…for the month of June we are 71% occupied, best month we’ve ever had! In the future we’ll tell you about the detail of what it takes to achieve that level of occupancy and what it takes to take care of that any people and have them leave with smiles on their faces! So until next time, we wish you peace, health, and happiness!


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