8 Weeks and Counting!

We are so excited to be heading off on our Big European Adventure in September! If you have stayed with us recently, then you know about our trip and how excited we are! Some of you have even given us helpful tips and great places to visit/stay. We thank you very much for that!

To start us off, I decided to list the many places we plan to visit during our 35 day trip.

  • Arriving first in London, England
  • Staying with great friends outside London in a 500 year old farm home
  • 2 night stay in Brugge, Belgium
  • Then off to sight see in Brussels, Belgium
  • Staying for 4 days in Paris, France
  • Spending 1 night in Reims-Verdun, France, which is a champagne region (Jan is excited!) in a French Chateau at Chateau des Monthainous
  • Then we’re off to Baden Baden, Germany where we’ll experience Therapeutic Baths sans swimsuits (gulp!) and visit a James Bond type casino. We’re staying at Hotel Rathausgloeckel
  • Pretty cool to get to stay in Gruyeres, Switzerland (we use Gruyere cheese all the time at the Fleur-de-Lys Mansion) to stay in the Hotel Fleur-de-Lys!
  • Then we’re off to Portofino, Italy
  • 2 nights in Florence, Italy at Hotel Rosary Garden
  • 2 nights in Venice, Italy
  • 7 nights in Soriano Nel Cimino, Vitbero, Italy at the Palazzo Calalani
  • And finally 2 days to visit dear friends we helped mentor in innkeeping in Ghivizzano, Tuscany, Italy at Casa La Pace
  • The end of our trip leaves us in Rome, Italy
  • Then it’s back to the USA

We cannot wait to experience Europe and share all we have seen and learned with you, our wonderful guests! :)

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